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VIVISUN Switches and Indicators are the preferred choice of leading OEM aircraft manufacturers and military services worldwide. Our products offer life of the platform reliability and are backed by the industry's best delivery time and first class customer service. Click the button below to explore the product features and configuration options.

Product Features Overview

Ruggedized, MIL-Spec and DO-160 Performance

VIVISUN products are tested in accordance with MIL-PRF-22885 standards and are on the Qualified Products List (QPL). Product performance also conforms to DO-160F levels. The high level of our manufacturing and testing processes have defined the VIVISUN brand for over 40 years and continues to ensure product reliability in the most demanding aviation and military applications. Click the link below for details on current product qualifications and certifications, including our AS9100 quality control compliance.

Product Certification Resources

Sunlight Readable Display and Dimming Options

The patented design of VIVISUN lighting technology delivers best-in-class sunlight readability and performance. Superior brightness and color consistency are why man-machine interface designers select VIVISUN pushbutton switches for their mission critical operations. Voltage Dimming or 3-level Discrete Dimming options integrate VIVISUN switches and indicators easily into existing lighting schemas and ensure pilot control over cockpit display conditions. VIVISUN lighted pushbutton caps offer unsurpassed lighting features and flexibility and is the only avionics switch cap on the market that is fully detachable, providing ease of installation and upgrade convenience. For more information about the lighting and display features of VIVISUN products, click the link below.

Cap Display & Dimming Options

Night Vision (NVIS) Compliance

Our background as a MIL-SPEC provider means we are experts in NVIS compliance. Since 1982, we have been producing outstanding NVIS lighting and were among the first companies to manufacturer NVIS Blue lighting. Once only found in military applications, NVIS lighting requirements are now becoming commonplace on civil platforms including air ambulance, border patrol, and law enforcement. VIVISUN NVIS switches and indicators are able to meet the requirements of both of these demanding markets. Click the link below to learn more about our NVIS qualifications.

Night Vision Capabilities

NEXSYS® LOGIC Component Technology

Mix-and-Match Electronic Components

NEXSYS® LOGIC component technology integrates high-performance electronic components directly into switch and indicator bodies. This unique VIVISUN product feature is another industry first and provides electrical system design engineers opportunities to create additional system functionality and integrated system solutions. NEXSYS® LOGIC components include electronic latching flip-flops, electronic rotaries, solid state relays, Boolean logic arrays, edge-detecting pulse timers, DC voltage sensors, diodes and terminal blocks. Components are configurable as internal mix-and-match, 8-Pin and 4-Pin devices and have been designed and tested in accordance with DO-160. To learn how LOGIC component technology replaces the need for software modifications and oversized, single-function hardware, click the link below.

LOGIC Component Technology Overview

NEXSYS® LOGIC Application Note Browser

To help system designers understand the potential of LOGIC component technology in their applications, we have assembled the LOGIC Application Note Browser. This online resource showcases numerous system solutions such as, 3-way switching, dropout relays, alternate action switching, toggle and rotary functionality and many others. Click the link below to see LOGIC component technology in action.

Application Note Browser


NEXSYS® - Avionics Integration Solutions

NEXSYS® is the newest product line from Applied Avionics, manufacturers of the industry leading VIVISUN pushbutton switches and indicators. NEXSYS products are focused on providing avionic system interface solutions. In addition to being able to incorporate LOGIC components internally in a VIVISUN illuminated switch or indicator body, NEXSYS LOGIC component technology can provide robust behind-the panel interface capabilities via a NEXSYS LOGIC Module, providing substantial design customization opportunities. Please visit the NEXSYS website for more information.

Switch Accessories & Installation Tools

We offer a number of accessories including switch guards and panel plugs that are compatible with our full product line. Our hardware kits include essential tools and components necessary for the installation and support of our products.

Accessories Catalog

Customer Service & Product Support

At Applied Avionics, customer service begins with a knowledgeable person to answer your call and continues until your order arrives on your dock exactly on schedule. We specialize in quick turnaround situations, and our paperless quotation and ordering process gets your order started quickly and accurately.

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